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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Midday Veil - Integratron (2012)

OK, so every once in a while you hear an album that leaves you wondering how you've been missing this. This is the case with the new album Integratron by Midday Veil. Now this album was sent to me by Emily who I believe is one of the amazing people you hear on this album as well as one of the founders of the label Translinguistic Other. We'll start with the title of the album, Integratron. The Integratron is a building located in California, invented by a man named George Van Tassel. As explained on their website, , "The Integratron is an acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert." This statement is proven extremely well by Midday Veil on their album named after this experimental building. The sound you find on Integratron really is like nothing I've heard before. The sound is so deep and rich and the authentic reverb separates this sound from other building, droney psych bands, relying on their amps for acoustics. The three songs on here are similar but very diverse in their own ways. For me Rejuvenation was really the standout track, you have a menacing bass with some almost slowed funk drumming at the beginning, which eventually leads to some haunting vocals by Emily that weave in and out of a chaotic but blissful wall of sound and some strained, almost desperate sounding screeches from one of the guys. This mixed with the apocalyptic tribal warpspeed ending and you have one of the best psychedelic songs I've ever heard. Overall, Integratron is the psychedelic experience you didn't know you were missing. Go buy this tape now over at Also check out some of the great art Emily had to offer over at her website at

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