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Friday, April 25, 2014

La Secte Du Futur - Greetings From Youth

Coming to us once again from France, La Secte Du Futur (The Cult of the Future in English) were at the forefront of the heavy reverb-laden garage rock craze that took over in 2012 and 2013 with bands like Catholic Spray, Zyklon Beach, The Clap, etc. Their second full length Greetings From Youth brings us right back to where they left us on their self-titled, though with an obviously more mature approach. The album stays true to form with their catchy delivery and keyboard driven interludes like "God Bless Our Home" but with a more polished sound that really lets the band shine. "Come And Love The Guru" is a great example of this maturity showing influence from psychedelia, garage rock, country, and even a spaghetti western style ending that ties it all together perfectly. "TNT Faithbelt" brings to mind 80's new wave hits with a distinctly French psych sound glistening on top. "Respect Pour Le Peuple" is a quick driven song that starts strong and never lets up. Distant vocals call out over a dreary landscape where a lone survivor seems to be calling out to anyone left. A powerful track that just shows the evolution of a stronger band. Overall, their range seems to be growing exponentially all the while, crafting a signature finish that makes each song uniquely their own.
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