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Monday, October 6, 2014

Balcanes - Plataforma 7"

Somewhere in Spain, there is a sound rumbling and brooding throughout the streets. Low, desolate tones that seem like a warning to an upcoming disaster scene. This sound, however, is being emitted by Balcanes and they have delivered it onto us in the form of a two song EP released by Discos Humeantes. Starting off with Plataforma, we have groaning, sludge-filled guitars droning over a simple yet hypnotic rhythm as it slowly drives itself into your skull before giving way to casually reverbed vocals that drip with despair and compliment the haunting music surrounding it. The B-Side gives us a monster drone titled Autopista. Unlike Plataforma, the rhythmic chaos gives way to a simmering rumble that builds and builds until you're lost in a hazy, mesmorizing pattern accompanied by distant wailing that seems to be coming closer every second. If you're a fan of noisy, rumbling rock music, then don't miss out on this EP. Stream it, download it, and enjoy a video while we wait for their next release.
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