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Friday, June 29, 2012

LAKE R▲DIO - Dream House

Very experimental, shoegaze, lo-fi, hip hop beats. Awesome stuff. He needs to put this out on cassette.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Leafs - En Super Forme

This makes the 3rd release from 3 Leafs this year. The first being the great Canal Smarts, then one long 45 minute epic called Spaa, and now En Super Forme. They play long droney space rock. Perfect soundtrack for the inner vacation you've been needing.

Les Hippies - Souci​/​Soleil Couchant 7"

Another nice psychedelic selection. This is sitar, guitar, and some funk beats playing 2 tracks of psychedelic madness. Main focus is on the sitar but the guitar is a nice psych style background with a mix of funk and tropicalia and the beats range from having a funk influence to a more ominous almost droney style on the second track.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lil Daggers - King Corpse 7" + 2 new songs

This time we have some more recordings from Lil Daggers. I posted their full length (which is still available for free on their bandcamp) last year but never got around to posting the 7" until now. This is the 7" + 2 new songs from the band. The new songs are showing more of a 60s pop influence than before. Losing some of the dreary overtones we've gotten used to with the band and showing their ability to make some fun catchy songs as well as dark catchy ones.

Song of the Day! If You Want

Extremely catchy lo-fi, shit recording beach pop. Beach boys mixed with Eat Skull.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sesame Street's Psychedelic Explorations

This is awesome. Sesame Street letting us know they too were on drugs. This is only 4 samples but there are more out there. Enjoy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Les Rallizes Denudes - Enter the Mirror (1977)

This is some psychedelic noise that was waaaaaaaay ahead of it's time. Les Rallizes Denudes combines 60s pop/soul with some of the noisiest guitar you'll ever hear. Imagine Sonic Youth with some major edge and the soulful flavor of the 60s buried beneath a wall of sound.
Extremely underrated Japanese artist. Live recording from '77 with a random video added.

Lead Stones - Heaven b/w Bottle Goblins (2012)

Lead Stones are a band that seem like they're just outside the spotlight. Organ heavy, psychedelic garage rock. Great stuff.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Apache Dropout Playing at Permanent Records

Artist Selection: Claire Duport

A fantastic artist I stumbled across. Claire Duport. Check out and follow her at

Inflatable Mattress - Pumped Up/Blue Matress (2011)

Weird psychedelic off kilter hip hop. Perfect for when you're looking for a new weird cassette to throw in and drift off to.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Flower Drums - Outside The Province (2012)

A nice catchy single from the upcoming album by The Flower Drums. 60s pop meets 90s style alt rock with a cool dream pop break thrown in for good measure. Nice teaser for the album.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crane Angels - Le Sylphide de Brighton (2011)

Crane Angels are another unique French band. However, this time, instead of the usual, surf punk we find a weird but very enjoyable pop record. This isn't regular pop, though, this is a much more intense animal. Imagine Beach Boys hanging out with Sonic Youth and listening to Queen records on repeat and you kind of have an idea what you find here. Get the vinyl over at Animal Factory Industries.

Ghost Bikini - Ghost Bikini EP (2012)

This is so good. One of my current favorites. Garage punk meets 70s country mixed with some Black Sabbath basslines. Short and sweet. Buy the 7" over at the Dead Beat Shop.

MMOSS - Spoiled Sun

A new track from MMOSS. This one seems heavily influenced by Pink Floyd and King Crimson style psychedelic rock. Amazing song.

Midday Veil Videos

Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw

Ketamines - Spaced Out (2012)

Ketamines play a unique style of surf/garage music. It's catchy, it's weird and unusual, and there's loads of punk attitude. With a well produced lo-fi sound, they power through one great song after another on their first full length out on Southpaw records.

Midday Veil - Integratron (2012)

OK, so every once in a while you hear an album that leaves you wondering how you've been missing this. This is the case with the new album Integratron by Midday Veil. Now this album was sent to me by Emily who I believe is one of the amazing people you hear on this album as well as one of the founders of the label Translinguistic Other. We'll start with the title of the album, Integratron. The Integratron is a building located in California, invented by a man named George Van Tassel. As explained on their website, , "The Integratron is an acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert." This statement is proven extremely well by Midday Veil on their album named after this experimental building. The sound you find on Integratron really is like nothing I've heard before. The sound is so deep and rich and the authentic reverb separates this sound from other building, droney psych bands, relying on their amps for acoustics. The three songs on here are similar but very diverse in their own ways. For me Rejuvenation was really the standout track, you have a menacing bass with some almost slowed funk drumming at the beginning, which eventually leads to some haunting vocals by Emily that weave in and out of a chaotic but blissful wall of sound and some strained, almost desperate sounding screeches from one of the guys. This mixed with the apocalyptic tribal warpspeed ending and you have one of the best psychedelic songs I've ever heard. Overall, Integratron is the psychedelic experience you didn't know you were missing. Go buy this tape now over at Also check out some of the great art Emily had to offer over at her website at

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Stuff (1985)

Great B-Horror movie. The Stuff is about just that. The Stuff that kills people. Watch it.

Cosmonauts - If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die (2012)

Psyched out garage rock. Heavy on the psych stuff. Album out on Burger Records.

Strange Hands - Dead Flowers (2012)

Strange Hands debut album out on Azbin Records. 60s keyboard style garage rock. Lots of energy and acid punk attitude.

La Secte Du Futur - S/T

Finally an actual album by these guys. Catholic Spray doing a more space pop fueled approach to their music.

Hellshovel - Hated By The Sun (2012)

In the midst of a relentless USA / European touring schedule (including copious performances with contemporaries / new label mates Acid baby Jesus) and the release of a small handful of 7” singles, the Slovenly posse is trying to wrap our brains around this warped debut LP / CD called “Hated By The Sun” by Canadian bumpkin punks HELLSHOVEL (aka Hell Shovel). Led by Demon’s Claws frontman Jeff Clarke, and featuring Dox Grillo sharing the strings / vox duties, with Bloodshot Bill (TANDOORI NIGHTS / DING DONGS / swarthy one man band LEGEND who makes an effortless transition on the drums from his [un]usual wild man rockabilly fare), “Hated By The Sun” is the sound of Johnny Cash drowning in a pool of cough syrup - a gooey reminder of the most irradiated moments of Demon’s Claws poisonous choo-choo train shamble. A swank, full color gatefold jacket houses the wax. CD comes in a most classy 6-panel Digipak.  --From Slovenly Bandcamp.

Fill Spectre Video

Fill Spectre - Scare Your Friends (2012)

Jay from Pow Wows solo project. Noise Pop, Garage Rock, Experimental, Lo-fi goodness.

Dusty Mush - Tom Pitt's Acid Trip (2012)

Dusty Mush is a band I've been following since they put their demos up on bandcamp. This is what I would consider their first actual release and it was definitely worth the wait. The 4 songs here are all amazing with the title track Tom Pitt's Acid Trip being a new favorite of mine. Catchy sing-a-long choruses and lots of garage psych fueled punk action. 15 tapes made but I think they're gone already.