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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Flower Drums - Suburban Wilderness

Five tracks of relaxed, floating in the cloud psych pop songs. Rain drips on has some major Phil Collins dripping off it's sleeves to start the album but the second song Outside the Province leads the way into a song that still holds onto some Phil Collins moments but more like if Phil had been part of Tame Impala and not Genesis. This song has a nice psychedelic break in it that lets you drift off before coming back to a 90s style chorus outro. Swimmers is next. This one is a sing along dream pop gem. Nice song for the summer if you can find some water and get out of the record breaking heat. Below the Forest Floor is next and it comes in with a more folk/psych rock approach. This one is a big change in mood from the previous songs, though, with a sadder sound for half the song before being transitioned by a reverb drenched building solo into a hopeful sounding end. Last is Howling Hollow, which sounds almost like a mix between Lasso and Devendra Banhart.

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