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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rcrd Jnky Radio Episode 4

Acid Kicks - "Pyramidic Valley" from Life Dreams 7" (2011)
Baroness - "A Horse Called Golgotha" from Blue Record (2009)
Padkarosda - "Szakadás" from Padkarosda (2012)
N.213 - "Hustler Affinities" from FXGGXTRY
Psycho Frog - "Surf The Sun" from Early Recordings
Pow Wows - "Shock Corridor" from Shock Corridor 7"
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - "High Hopes Low" from 12 Bar Bruise
In Zaire - "Mars" from White Sun Black Sun
Leviathan - "Brought Up To This Bottom" from True Traitor, True Whore
Wolf Feet - "Dead Hand" - from Wolf Feet
The Sunburns - "Surfin' The Net" from Smell Like Fun
Gold Paint - "Eye Wonder" from Faraway Places
Day Creeper - "Zonin' Out" from Raging Beast EP
Bloody Gears - "Frozen Rain" from Frozen Rain
Livids - "Morgan" from Livids Extras
The Underground Youth - "Underground Youth" from Morally Barren
The Holydrug Couple - "Red Moon" from Noctuary
The Reptilian - "So...What Are My Torso Options?" from Boys' Life
mewithoutYou - "In a Market Dimly Lit" from Brother, Sister
I Beheaded The Cosmos - "When Water Wipes Bodies" from I Used To Fuck With Eva Braun
Heavy Ghost - "Clarity" from Ten Thousand Years
Don Caballero - "You Drink a Lot of Coffee for a Teenager" from American Don (2000)
Zombi - "Digitalis" from Surface To Air
Vernon Sélavy - "Ballad of the Empty Hands" from Stressed Desserts Blues
Shepherds - "Tears of a Clown" from Holy Stain EP
Moth - "Synthethic Hands" from Luminol 7"
Kuudes Silma - "Helvetti" from Kuudes Silma 7"
Ihsaan - "The Eagle and the Snake" from Eremita
Agalloch - "Not Unlike The Waves" from Ashes Against the Grain 
The Band In Heaven - "High Low" from S/T 7"
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