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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Constant Mongrel - Heavy Breathing

Constant Mongrel hails from Melbourne, Australia and bring a new slab of experimental post-punk to the world with Heavy Breathing. Equally akin to bands like Iceage as they are to Wire or Swell Maps, Constant Mongrel walk that line that breeds creativity. Not being satisfied with the general melancholy surrounding most post-punk acts, this 4-piece delivers with an upbeat rhythm section that drives their jangly guitars and fierce sound deep into your mind. The song "Choked" has this quick paced pounding drum scheme that evolves into a hypnotic noisy crescendo. "In The Courts" dips more into garage rock sensibilities with catchy guitar and a light-hearted approach. "Inflicted" closes the show with a minimalist intro before transforming into a sinister post-punk gem before finishing off synth heavy and out of breath. Fortunately, for us, Heavy Breathing takes you in and leaves you gasping for more once it's over.
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