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Monday, October 6, 2014

Swahili - Arkaik Excavations Vol. 1

Swirling psychedelia, droning and buzzing guitars, engrossing composition, and a stupor inducing rhythm section. These are the qualities found on Swahili's debut album back in 2013. Currently holding their rituals in Portland, Oregon, Swahili are back with a new cassette of what seems to be 2 long drones from older sessions. In true drone form, these tracks each near the 10 minute mark and are perfect for zoning out to. Side 1 is a somber, slow crawl that utilizes Swahili's electronic side to ominous effect. Creeping on for about 3 minutes before giving way to a more ethereal section, this track draws you in and delivers a sound that seems to be leading you through a rite of passage that seems almost dangerous but leaves you wanting to continue on and take the path less traveled. Side 2 gives the sensation of walking through the woods at dawn. It's calm, serene, and beautiful but you can't help feel like someone might be following you. About midway through the track, Swahili minimize their output and focus on a haunting melody that slowly evolves it's way into a dub-based trance before gently fading away. Swahili have been honing their craft and it shows. Do yourself a favor, grab your headphones and let Swahili guide you through another gorgeous trip and be sure to experience it for yourself if they bring their rituals to your town.
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