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Saturday, October 4, 2014


With a recent synth punk craze that seems to be exponentially expanding these days, it's easy for bands to fall through the cracks and become nothing more than another one off tape release on a random little known label. This is not the case with SGNLS. Transmitting out of Philly, this fierce trio manage to not only keep their songs interesting, memorable, and completely engrossing but also seem to be able to seperate themselves from the trend. On their new album titled simply II, you find clear production, great songwriting, and a vast array of musical influence as well as prowess. Whether it's the beginning track "Time Stands Still" that invokes images of the 80s and vocals from singer/keyboardist Anthony Cesa that would fit perfectly into those early NWOBHM bands or the absolutely epic "Love Goes Running" that brings you right to the doorstep of early New Wave and Industrial sounds that made chaos loving punks sing along and dance like fangirls, this album does not disappoint. This is sure to be finding it's way to many collections very soon. The year may not be over but SGNLS have made a strong impression with II and it'll easily find it's way onto my 2014 top ten list.
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